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Welcome to Image 3 Marketing, Inc., a digital marketing company with a visual edge. We help you get noticed, tell your story and generate more sales. We use great imagery and solid digital marketing to build your brand. Every company is different, but we know most need one of the following three things: more brand awareness, additional traffic to their website and/or more conversions (sales). Our team fixes those problems by applying and testing the many digital marketing options available. Our job is to find the  best combination that works for your business.
We use the latest digital marketing technology to find new customers for your business. Our team uses search advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social advertising, targeted digital display ads, remarketing, social media, focused landing pages and the resources of our partner companies such as The Rosh Group, to make your digital campaign a success. We like to create specialized marketing products such as for public relations and short promotional campaigns.  We are brewing new ideas all the time.
Building a company is not easy. Finding the right combination of marketing and advertising tools takes creativity, knowledge, testing and skill to discover. Let our team create, test and manage your (and your clients) digital marketing campaign using our exciting marketing concepts.  Let us  research your competition, review your analytics, develop creative concepts and discover new strategies to find more prospects and convert them into customers. We help people discover your business and drive more traffic to your site so you can close the deal.


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How to find the right marketing company for your business

Marketing is not easy. Understanding the best approach can be complicated. New digital options are available everyday, and it’s hard to know which direction to take. Our best advice is to not invest in a marketing plan you do not understand. Your marketing team should be able to explain their plan clearly no matter the level of complexity.

Your Goals

What are your goals? This is where you need to start. Are you trying to develop more awareness for your brand?, drive more traffic to your website?, or convert the traffic you have in to customers? For some businesses, it’s all three. For others, it’s only one.

Finding the right combination of digital technology is priceless. The right combination of marketing tactics, concepts and strategies can make the difference between success and failure. You may have a great product or service, but if people are not aware of it, they can’t buy it. If people don’t understand or trust your message, they will not share it.

Return on investment is a big part of the marketing game.  You need to understand what it will take for your marketing investment to turn a profit. This is why we offer marketing calculators on our website. If  the price of your product, service or your profit margin is too low, your marketing plan could lose money even if  you or your team does everything right.

It’s important for your marketing team to understand your costs and margins so they can develop a plan using the tools that will generate the most bang for your dollar. Understanding your profit margin will also give your marketing team a target range for what is known as cpc (cost per click/conversion). Just as important as knowing what to do is understanding when the current budget will not deliver the desired marketing results.

Consulting Services

If your current profit margins will not support an outside marketing team, you may need to consider consulting services. Hiring one of our consultants to help your team members do the job internally can be a very profitable solution to your marketing needs. We have social media consultants who have years of experience helping individuals and companies tell their story and become experts in their field.

The current SEO environment involves a lot of writing. This is why search engine optimization services are so expensive. SEO is labor intensive and takes quality writers and knowledge to develop a successful campaign. Fortunately, a well run campaign will attract some of your best and most profitable prospects.  Whether you hire a professional team our do it in-house, if you are depending on finding your new clients on-line, then SEO is mandatory. Our SEO consultants will guide your team through the ever-changing best practices for SEO success.

Pay Per Click (PPC) consulting is available to those who wish to develop a profitable digital marketing sales funnel in-house. PPC includes Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a continually growing number of marketing opportunities. Our consultants will guide your team through the best practices of a quality PPC  campaign.

All of our consulting services include optional workshops for larger groups within your company. If you are interested in a custom workshop on the digital marketing services we offer, please contact us.

Combination Marketing

Image 3 practices what we call combination marketing. Marketing is more effective when combined with multiple platforms and techniques. A good example is using Facebook Audiences. Facebook Audiences allows you to upload your email list and target advertise specifically to those people on your email and friend lists. Combining this service with your email campaign increases the reach and retention of your message. This is just one of many possible combinations available to grow your business. It is important to test options and let the data show your marketing team the right direction.

Practicing combination marketing means our company doesn’t try to provide one service to fit all companies. We understand the power of the right combination of marketing tools. We have the experience to know where to start and develop the right combination to drive more opportunity to your business.

Visual Marketing

One thing is for sure, we live in a visual society. Quality visuals play an important role in the marketing of your product or service. Image 3 marketing specializes in the use of visuals such as photography, video, illustration and animation in our marketing programs.


The answer is simple. Images help convert your message to sales. They attract attention and make your product or service more desirable. You only have seconds to set the mood and tell your story. Images help to tell your story in the blink of an eye.

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Healthy eating carrots in vegetable garden

CARROTpass is a new marketing tool for our retail clients. Finding an affordable affinity program, especially related to proximity marketing, has not always been easy nor inexpensive. Carrot makes iBeacon technology accessible for small business.

The program is a universal design, currently integrated with the Health app on iphone. CARROT is an app that anyone with can download and immediately begin to earn points by living their life. Walking, biking or running will earn you points that may be redeemed at a carrot retailer. This is an exciting technology. Droid versions will be available by Spring, 2015.

Read more on our CARROT marketing page.